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troy flora

troy flora started this conversation
Author and entrepreneur, investor and inspiration
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troy flora
i hope everyone is doing well i have not posted in about a year on this site. good luck with all your goals and successes!
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Hi, I am in desperate need of some advice please. I currently have 2 payday check advance loans out (2 diff companies) and due to recent medical emergencies and time off work I just can't keep paying these loans every two weeks now. It literally takes so much of my income. I have the loans coming due next week. I dread it already but it is basically coming down to this: my kids don't have food and lights/water if I pay to renew those loans next week. I can't borrow money from anyone to pay them off. I'm really afraid of what happens if I don't pay. My bank acct is overdrawn right now and it's just a mess. What can I do? I don't want to be charged with check fraud! I didn't mean for this to happen and get out of control! Please advise and many thanks in advance!
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hello,i know its hard randomly helping people you dont know but i am really in need,my dad just retired and doesn't have money to pay my fees is really expensive and i have no one to help me.i am not eligible for a loan and i am not allowed to work outside school.please help dad was able to raise $5000 for my fees and its remaining $5000 to pay,i am an international student stuidying engineering which makes it really expensive.please help me,please.really need your help my fees is past due and i do not have a job
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hello i was wondering if u knew of anyone that would be an angel for my two children for the holidays?
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In Jesus I, with my wife and team, am working for Christian people who are away from the right path and struggling to make them true Christians through education and awareness. Would you like to join us please? I will wait for your kind reply.
Kind regards,
Akram Raza and team
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god bless you .that youre able to make a different in people lives
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Hello Troy, I'm Kevin from SW Alaska but am currently on a US market tour for Salmon. Thought I'd say hello and get to know you better...Birdman^i^

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